Custom Mint Packs

  • Custom Mint Packs

Custom Mint Packs


If you plan on ordering more than 5 cases,
please contact our sales departemnt at 713-309-0865

CONFADENT's proprietary chewing gum is formulated to eliminate bad breath, whiten teeth, and fight the bacteria that cause plaque and gingivitis while maintaining an energizing fresh peppermint flavor. Regular use of CONFADENT is a safe and effective method of maintaining a clean and healthy mouth.

Eliminates Bad Breath

leaving no tell-tale smells and a fresh peppermint taste

Fights Plaque and Gingivitis

with FDA approved ingredients for clean, strong teeth and healthy gums

Whitens Teeth

and helps control staining from coffee, tea, and wine

Combats Dry Mouth

by increasing saliva production

Aspartame & Sugar Free - with Xylitol

a natural sweetener that is beneficial for your mouth and body

Kosher & Gluten Free

pefect for any and all diets