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You're gonna chew gum anyway, so it might as well be good for your teeth.

- Jamie S.


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As a dentist, CONFADENT is the only gum I recommend using between brushing!  Its unique, FDA approved active ingredients makes CONFADENT an excellent oral health care product that helps my patients fight plaque that leads to gingivitis and cavities.  When compared to other gums on the market, CONFADENT has a much longer fresh mint taste, so its enjoyable to chew AND provides great benefits.

While working with both collegiate and professional athletes in Denver, I recommend CONFADENT exclusively.  Oral health is of critical importance to overall health and chewing CONFADENT gum between brushing is one of the best things anyone can do.

Brian Svoboda, DDS Southbridge Dentistry

WOW, I usually go for fruity gums, but since trying Confadent, I LOVE the peppermint flavor.  Not to mention all the amazing benefits of this gum.  It has xylitol and CPC (its an effective ingredient in mouth wash to protect our teeth) and the flavor lasts longer than any other gum I have ever tried.  As a national speaker in the dental industry and a practicing dental hygienist, YOU need to try this gum.

Judy Bendit, RDH, BS, National Speaker